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  The GTM String Band is a three-piece acoustic band whose members come from the Portland-Vancouver area. The band's musical style is essentially bluegrass-based, using two guitars and a bass fiddle. Fiddle tunes comprise most of the band's instrumental numbers while members Greg Stone, Tony Rocci and Marty Henick all contribute vocally to deliver solid and varied vocal arrangements.
Tony Rocci
Guitarist Tony Rocci has played both electric and acoustic guitar since an early age developing a large repertoire from rock n roll to folk. Bitten by the bluegrass bug about ten years ago, Tony with his wife Eileen founded the popular bluegrass band “Northwest Passage”. Tony has either won or placed in several guitar contests over the years. Fellow band members rely on his clean and forceful flat picking, steady rhythm playing and strong lead vocals.
Marty Henick
Marty Henick has been playing bluegrass music for twelve years. For the last five years he’s been the banjo player for Northwest Passage. With an abundance of natural talent, Marty can pick up any instrument and make it sound great. His current passion is for the bass fiddle, along with his strong lead voice and high harmonies, Tony and Greg feel very fortunate to be catching Marty at this point in his career.
Greg Stone
Greg Stone is a guitar player and vocalist living in Portland who loves bluegrass and all kinds of music. Greg has a unique talent for creating interesting and dynamic arrangements both instrumentally and vocally. He teaches guitar to local students. Most everyone in Portland bluegrass circles knows Greg as a generous individual who is ready to jam and offer his hospitality at his charming home.