Musical duets

You can look to the future with hope. Interview with Neon Lights
The St. Petersburg electronic duo Neon Lights was created by two music critics Yevgeny Lazarenko and Max Hagen, in response to the many cries of offended musicians "first try, then…

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Kostya Chalykh: “It's great when you have ideas that you want to realize, and the craft is in your hands”
The frontman of the group My Rockets Up, the ex-guitarist of the group 7 Race, and today, the SunSay guitarist, Kostya Chalykh has fallen in love with the public for…

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Those Days Interview for BRITISH WAVE Portal
The questions were answered by Kirill Volkov (guitar), Oleg Karpachev (Vocal) and Nikita Novitsky (guitar). BW: Hi guys, thank you for agreeing to answer a few questions for our portal.…

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We never liked that people would have to pay for our music. Interview with Alt-J

In September 2014, the British indie rock band Alt-J introduced their new album, “This Is All Yours”, which soared to the top of UK TOP10 with lightning speed.

In two short years, the Leeds quartet has established itself as one of Britain’s most innovative bands, breaking down musical barriers just like Pink Floyd or Radiohead at the peak of their careers.

Their debut album “An Awesome Wave”, released two years ago, allowed the group to take a place among Britain’s newest inventive talents, collecting a bunch of awards, including “Best Album” at the Ivor Novello Awards and “Mercury Prize ‘2012”, with sales of 300,000 albums and 400,000 singles. Continue reading

Guitar music is not in the best position right now. Interview with Eighteen Nightmares At The Lux

Music at the junction of honesty and outrageous is Eighteen Nightmares At The Lux. Sometimes it seems that they belong to a different era – the times when the concerts of glam rock and punk stars were a real escape from the gray routine for ordinary English youth who belonged to the working class.

If they did not exist in reality, there would certainly be a writer or screenwriter who would invent and drive crazy thousands of fans and fans of fan fix. Fortunately, Eighteen Nightmares At The Lux is more than real, and in September 2014 returned to the big road with the new EP “Mouth To Mouth” and a UK mini-tour.

On this occasion, learned about the history of Londoners and their plans for the future. Continue reading

Music has the power to change people. Interview with Billy Lloyd

Last Saturday (October 18), a concert of a beginner British musician Billy Lloyd took place at the Workshop Club Theater, at which, according to his own assurances, he played “absolutely all the songs that he has.”

Angelic appearance, charisma and openness to the public quickly won the hearts of all who came to listen to the melodic harmony of electronics and piano. managed to meet the musician just before the concert and ask him a couple of questions about creativity, image and outlook on the world. Continue reading

Teignmouth: The city where Muse lives

How many people know the town of Teignmouth, which is located in the south of England and has a population of 15,000 people? Not even all Britons have heard of this. But in every country, no matter how far it is from the UK, there are people who must know about this city, believe me. And the culprits of this geographic enlightenment are Matthew Bellamy, Dominic Howard and Christopher Wollstenholm.

The small but very beautiful Teignmouth has almost a thousand-year history, several attractions, is one of the favorite places for the rest of the British and is proud that in 1818 the great English poet John Keats was resting in it. But at the end of the twentieth century, the city received another reason for pride – the local group Muse, which for more than ten years has been gathering full stadiums around the world. Continue reading

Nick Cave: The Dark Knight’s Revival

In honor of the thirtieth anniversary of Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds’ debut album “From Her To Eternity”, the NME editors decided to recall an interview with Nick Cave, published by the magazine in 1984, during the beautiful and chaotic period following the breakup of his band The Birthday Party.

When Nick Cave created his image at the very beginning of the existence of The Birthday Party, he resembled a woman with tuberculosis from an absurd birthday described in Dostoevsky’s Crime and Punishment, sitting in a corner coughing into a handkerchief and showing bloody spots of the assembled company. He was a disgusting exhibitionist, constantly demanding attention. Subsequently, this image was transformed into a slowly and painfully moving snail, turning its own mucus into art. Continue reading

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Bitterness fruit smoothie. Interview with Marina And The Diamond
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10 frontmen who showed themselves in solo work
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The Holy Bible. Richie Edwards Legacy
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We never liked that people would have to pay for our music. Interview with Alt-J
In September 2014, the British indie rock band Alt-J introduced their new album, "This Is All Yours", which soared to the top of UK TOP10 with lightning speed. In two…