Musical duets

We are inspired by life itself. Interview with the Magellanic Cloud Group
The Moscow group Magellanic Cloud formed in the winter of 2010 from particles of diverse creative and musical matter. Creativity "Magellanic Cloud" is folk rock with a pronounced melodic component…

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Brandon Flowers. In the prime of life
Before releasing his second solo album, The Killers frontman Brandon Flowers believes he has found an adult formula suitable for a radio pop album. Dressed in a leather jacket, with…

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Muse - "Drones". Two months later. Aftertaste
Disputes over the new work of Muse "Drones" have already subsided. And now, a couple of months after the album’s release, we’ll take a look at it again, so to…

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A note of positive from the maestro of sadness. Interview with Brazzaville frontman

On March 8, the Waiting Room club will fulfill the most moving dream of the girls of the Northern capital – Brazzaville will perform, the one that once conquered St. Petersburg with the song “Clouds In Camarillo” (“On Top of the World”).

Before the gala concert, Irina Zakharova talked with the founder of Brazzaville, David Brown:

“I was terrified of … fame!”

1997 year. One morning, I was sitting in my old Chevy Niva in front of the house of a woman named Michelle, the owner of the Lava Lounge fashion Continue reading

Pauses in words …

The post-rock scene of St. Petersburg has been developing extremely rapidly lately. It is probably understandable – the very atmosphere of the northern city blown by all the winds, where either a lead sky hangs or clouds suddenly fly overhead contributes to the development of a shugase and a guitar dub – and all that is now called post-rock.

KOSMOS.COM – one of the brightest representatives of this direction. The guys from the banks of the Neva – and straight to Moscow: on February 20th they will play a concert at the Gogol club together with the no less interesting metropolitan team “Alterday”, but for now – an interview filled with long pauses of dots and thoughtful phrases. Continue reading

This is we e … any people, man! Interview with the leader of the Beady Eye group.

Beady Eye, the new band of Liam Gallagher from Oasis, comes to Russia. The musicians’ management, however, separately asked Gallagher not to ask questions about Oasis.

Instead, Afisha magazine talked to him about working class, football, Radiohead, and aging.

Here is your album called “Different Gear, Still Speeding”: another gear, the same speed. Does this mean that your group is new? Or do you mean that you have changed?

Without a doubt. Another “transfer” means other circumstances. We definitely feel that this is another group, that we are in a new position. Continue reading

Request to Interpol. Interview with Interpol Guitarist

After several years of rumors and gossip, Russia finally got to the key post-punk band of the zero – the New York group Interpol. On March 26, musicians will perform in the Moscow club “A2” (formerly “B1”), and on March 27 – in the St. Petersburg Glavklub. For their Russian debut, the group stole up with a solid baggage of four albums. However, the press considered the last of them to be the most unsuccessful in the career of Interpol. In addition, the indestructible quartet lost the charismatic bass player Carlos Dengler, having reduced to a laconic trio.

On the eve of concerts in Moscow and St. Petersburg, Andrei Konyaev talked to Interpol guitarist Daniel Continue reading

Pulp. Out of time, out of convention

What was the difference between the first Pulp recital after a long break and their festival performances? Of the entire setlist of the Brixton concert, which included eighteen songs, only ten were sounded four days earlier at the Reading 2011 festival.

In London, Jarvis Cocker after the first song said that he was slightly tired of playing more or less the same thing, and that he would take advantage of the opportunity provided to turn everything upside down. Used it.

The last few months have reminded that if you need concerts with surprises, this is to the Pulp frontman. Each song is still a separate number in which it uses the maximum possible means of conveying Continue reading

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Brandon Flowers. In the prime of life
Before releasing his second solo album, The Killers frontman Brandon Flowers believes he has found an adult formula suitable for a radio pop album. Dressed in a leather jacket, with…


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