Nick Cave: The Dark Knight's Revival
In honor of the thirtieth anniversary of Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds' debut album "From Her To Eternity", the NME editors decided to recall an interview with Nick Cave,…

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Nick Cave: The Dark Knight's Revival
In honor of the thirtieth anniversary of Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds' debut album "From Her To Eternity", the NME editors decided to recall an interview with Nick Cave,…

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Britpop non-stop
Do you scornfully call popular music the word "pop"? Really, you should not be so categorical. Not everything is bad, which is called the word "pop." Especially if it is…

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This is we e … any people, man! Interview with the leader of the Beady Eye group.

Beady Eye, the new band of Liam Gallagher from Oasis, comes to Russia. The musicians’ management, however, separately asked Gallagher not to ask questions about Oasis.

Instead, Afisha magazine talked to him about working class, football, Radiohead, and aging.

Here is your album called “Different Gear, Still Speeding”: another gear, the same speed. Does this mean that your group is new? Or do you mean that you have changed?

Without a doubt. Another “transfer” means other circumstances. We definitely feel that this is another group, that we are in a new position.

But the fact is that most of your Britpop rivals — people from Pulp, Damon Albarn — have moved somewhere in terms of music. You can’t say that about you. Beady Eye – the same eggs, only in the face.

Well, Damon Albarn had a need to get rid of Blur – he was not satisfied with what was happening there. We are quite happy to play what we already played: we really like everything really, really. And then you need to call yourself a dick “Gold-something”, burn electronic discs, do something like fashion? We’re rock and roll frying – that’s it.

Surely you never felt the desire to build something completely, completely different? I’m thinking that a good rapper would have turned out of you — the vocal pitch has something to do with it.

Yes … No! I will never rap. Only under the shower!

But you always used to act as the voice of the proletariat, the working class. And today’s proletarian youths are increasingly listening to just hip-hop, club electronics and all that. Don’t you think that you have lost touch with these people?

It’s not like that, bro. In my opinion, there are a lot of children … a lot of rich boys are fond of rap – but maybe this is my opinion. In any case, there are still lots of working-class guys who love rock and roll. We are quite in the spirit of the times, brother. And I certainly do not feel dropped out of the cage – I’m right on a b … horse!

Do you still classify yourself as a working class? Feel the connection with these guys?

Yes, of course. It doesn’t seem to me that this has anything to do with how big your house is, man. Or how much money you spend on sneakers. I’m from hard workers, but I don’t scratch it with my tongue. I was born and raised in a family of workers – but I didn’t talk about this even in those days when I still obviously belonged to this very class. I never said something like: “Listen to us, we are from the workers!” Well, yes, we, b … d, of the workers – have passed, we move on.

Still, it’s hard to imagine how Beady Eye members have fun in a pub with ordinary people.

Is it hard for you to believe that we are doing this ?! We did it yesterday! We all hang around, brother, many times it happened. Too many times! With the people … It’s us e … any people, man! And it’s not about Buckingham Palace, if you’re talking about it.

That’s about it. You were one of the characters of “Cool Britain” of the second half of the nineties, the Laborites actively supported. How do you like the new government?

Yes, I do not understand politics. And, I think, many of these politicians do not understand it either. So you do not need my opinion, I assure you.


What do you think? I don’t know, I don’t know … But actually now everything seems pretty shitty, right?

As you say!

No, of course, when you are in Beady Eye, everything is fine – but what about ordinary people? No one seems to have much money now. But, on the other hand, it’s not about money, is it all a matter?

Well, on the other hand, your hometown, Manchester, has been actively transforming in recent years. One of your great countrymen, Morrissey, seemed to say that, they say, Manchester became so influential in the musical sense, because it was a hellish hole. Now that this has changed, do you have the feeling that music has gotten worse?

Uh … Well, I don’t live there anymore, man, you know.

Yes, but it’s your hometown.

Here! This is what I wanted to say – this is my hometown. That is, I would not mind all this somehow commenting just because I no longer live there. And although I can’t know exactly what is happening there, but! We can assume that there are too many groups appearing that are worthless – but the same can be said about the whole of England, isn’t it? However, Manchester is not a hell of a hole. Who said that there, you say? Morrissey? Yes, he is generally in Los Angeles!

Well, maybe it was Peter Hook, I’m not sure. And Manchester may not be a hole, but Manchester City still loses.

Losing ?!

You won’t win the championship.

We won’t win the championship, but we’ll take the cup in the finals and enter the Champions League. (The interview took place before the club completed both of these tasks. – Ed.) In my opinion, this is called “winning.”

Do you still hate Manchester United fans as furiously as before?

I don’t have a special affection for them, I don’t know what about hatred there. I more or less do not give a shit about them … I don’t hate anyone at all.

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