Request to Interpol. Interview with Interpol Guitarist
After several years of rumors and gossip, Russia finally got to the key post-punk band of the zero - the New York group Interpol. On March 26, musicians will perform…

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Deep Purple does not inspire us, but Placebo - yes! Interview with Jack Action
“Rising of a supernova” - this is exactly the translation of the name of the new album of Jack Action, which has become not only new, but also prophetic. Since…

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The Unstoppable Hoster
We live in a century of superstars “from a neighboring courtyard,” from Ed Sheeran and Ben Howard to Khozier, who is currently tearing away to the full on both sides…

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I am a very happy person. Interview with Noel Gallagher

Actually, we wanted to write about the “asshole from the working class,” but the quote above is more shocking.

After the meeting of Daniel Koch with the musician, the realization came: Noel Gallagher is a damn sweet guy, and not at all a boisterous asshole, as many people used to see him. He only pretends to be that way and it gives him a lot of pleasure.

A conversation with Noel Gallagher is very difficult to reflect in writing. Not because this person has nothing to say – on the contrary: he cuts one caustic official statement after another, you can immediately give it to the press. But the first problem arises already in translation: using the words “fuck, fuckin ‘, fucked” by a native of the working class is simply difficult to adequately translate. In addition, all of his statements sound as if they were uttered by a rare asshole.

For example, about the generation to which his 15-year-old daughter belongs, he said:

“Today’s youth is a product of the technological age in which we live. And its mirror image. Children look great, they are full of health and beauty exactly to the extent that young people should do it. The same can be said about current technologies: it looks “Fantastic. But if you look behind this magnificent designer cover, you will not find anything else. It is the same with children. Where there should be a soul, there is often an empty place.”

Is his daughter a dummy too? Well, the nasty type!

But Noel Gallagher, of course, does not think so. But this is noticeable, perhaps, only when you sit opposite him in the manager’s conference room, and see how the corner of his mouth twitches, as if Noel was barely holding back a laugh. He makes people a laughing stock, goes too far in his statements, enjoys the easy life of a rock star.

“I often give interviews and always sit in front of me people who have in their head an already formed image of me. Some people think that my wisdom is flowing from my ears and I will graciously share it now. But you know what really surprises me?”

At the same time, he moves very close, looking into the eyes opposite the sitting man and making his face as severe as a three-day Manchester rain.

“They think I should be funny ….” And no longer restraining laughter, he continues “…. but because they laugh at all the crap that I say.” Then he laughs even louder, after which you realize that you have swallowed the hook, and he dryly finishes: “Patients, no?”

Noel Gallagher gives a lot of interviews these days. The reason, of course, is his new album “Chasing Yesterday”, which shows him in a more settled form after a slightly sluggish, but very successful debut. Just because he began to devote more time to pace and style, he almost punk hits the frets in “Lock All The Doors”, in the epic “Riverman” he puts out a saxophone solo (“I repent of committing an Axial Crime”), in “The Right Stuff” sounds like it’s stoned. There is also a beautiful kitsch ballad dedicated to his wife “The Girl With The X-Ray Eyes” and “The Dying Of The Light” – one of those simple strong songs that would organically look like the final tracks in “What’s The Story) Morning Glory. ”

Doesn’t he want to shock his army of fans not so loving in this way?

“No. This is still popular music, not the abstract shit that awaits. My motto so far is“ Don’t Think Too Much. ”I record albums because I want to talk to myself. And if anyone like and I’ve been in business for more than 20 years now, people respect your taste. What I did there cannot be so bad. ”

“Do not think too much!” This slogan Gallagher constantly repeats in conversation whenever you start talking about the meaning of his songs or his influence on fans (and haters), or the fact that he himself released “Chasing Yesterday”.

“I’m a practitioner. I don’t like to spoil everything with empty chatter and think too much about something. It kills all the magic. It’s in the studio. I like it there, but why should I spend more than an hour recording a damn bass part? with people who could have missed the day to record a tambourine. Fuck it! Life is too short. ”

Oh yes, what was the name of that dude who played tambourine in Oasis? In general, Gallagher is in harmony with himself and the outside world. Although, with pleasure, he slanders at his expense. But in general, he knows how privileged life he leads.

“It’s such a hackneyed expression, but I’m still a working class guy in my heart.” He laughs viciously, admitting: “Although I do not live as a working class. But my moral is this: do your work properly and do not complain. Sometimes I am in the center of events to a much greater extent than I would like. I should regularly talk with different people until I turn blue, I’ve been on tour for months, but so what? When I get back, I can take a break, I played a bunch of dough. So now the musicians earn their bread. They go on a fucking tour. So it will be a few more years. ” .

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