Nina Karlsson: the modest charm of change
On March 7, Nina Karlsson will perform at the forefront of International Women's Day at the Waiting Room club, enveloping St. Petersburg's girls, mothers and grandmothers with holiday vibes and…

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Deep Purple does not inspire us, but Placebo - yes! Interview with Jack Action
“Rising of a supernova” - this is exactly the translation of the name of the new album of Jack Action, which has become not only new, but also prophetic. Since…

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The Unstoppable Hoster
We live in a century of superstars “from a neighboring courtyard,” from Ed Sheeran and Ben Howard to Khozier, who is currently tearing away to the full on both sides…

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Brandon Flowers. In the prime of life

Before releasing his second solo album, The Killers frontman Brandon Flowers believes he has found an adult formula suitable for a radio pop album.

Dressed in a leather jacket, with a mug of green tea in his hand, Brandon Flowers, being in a studio in West London, can not remain calm, listening to ready-made tracks from the new album. Flowers shakes his head to the rhythm of “Still Want You” and smiles to the singing of backing vocalists: “Nuclear distress, I still want you. Climate change and death, I still want you.” At first glance, the theme is apocalyptic, but the Flowers know exactly what the final versions of the new songs will be. “I want to sound on the radio, and I have never been ashamed of it,” he says.

Frontman The Killers takes the finishing touches on an as-yet-unnamed album coming out this spring. At the moment, mixing is taking place in the London studio “Assault & Battery”. Alan Mulder, who has been familiar with Flowers since the debut album of The Killers “Hot Fuss”, is working on the mix. Since then, everything has changed and Flowers understands that the radio of our time is completely different from the radio, which hit The Killers hit “Mr. Brightside” perfectly.

“I can’t believe how much the radio has changed. Now it’s like some kind of new strange world. What I did before fit perfectly, but now my music seems a little different. At that time I was perfect, but now, comparing with modern radio, my sound will sound like art rock and avant-garde. ”

His plan was to make an “adult” pop album, which on the one hand would be well suited for radio, and on the other would be significant for his old listeners, whose lives have changed a lot over the past ten years.

“I am 33 and I have three sons. I have to trust myself and not fail. All new songs can be about a man and his wife. I’ve been married for almost 10 years, and such a term is not bullshit.”

Flowers inspired by their heroes. For example, Peter Gabriel of Genesis, Sting of The Police and Don Hinley of Eagles. Brandon believes that they helped him to separate the remaining popular groups.

“I think adults also love pop music, although we shouldn’t do this. We don’t need to listen to the music we listen to. I think we try not to cross the line and make a sophisticated recording that will be accessible at the same time.” .

After the first appearance of bands such as The Strokes and Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Flowers said that he was always interested in the solo projects of his peers, for example, Karen O. He laughs off the proposal to make the album rude and harsh, like the latest work of Julian Casablancas and The Voidz.

“Not sure if I feel so rude. It’s kind of like David Bowie’s Tin Machine. I just feel too good in pop music.”

One of the contemporary works that Brandon admires is The War On Drugs’ Lost In The Dream. Although he notes that there are drawbacks to the work of Adam Granowski.

“I love War On Drugs, but I just can’t understand what he’s singing. The vocals need to be made louder. The vocals are great, but I want the words to be heard. I love songs that you can sing along to.”

The new Flowers album follows the album “Flamingo”, which was released in 2010. Critics said the new work sounds like The Killers albums. However, critics of NME believe that these albums by The Killers sound like solo works by Flowers, and not vice versa.

Flowers wanted to make an attempt to conceive new territories. Building on this idea, he works with producer Ariel Rechtscheid, known for his work with Vampire Weekend and Haim.

“I love the sound of The Killers, but now I need to move away from this and give Ariel more freedom to be creative. It worked many times, and if I failed, I had to take everything into my own hands and finish it the way I wanted.”

The musician noted that the album cover is not yet ready, but there is information that the official video for the song “Can’t Deny My Love” has already been shot in the Nevada desert. Actress Evan Rachel Wood and Richard Butler from The Psychedelic Furs took part in the filming of the video. Rejecting all suggestions about the plot of the clip, Flowers decided to make his own version of “Young Brown,” a story written by 19th-century American writer Nathaniel Hawthorne.

“I am very worried about this venture, but we will do everything right, it will turn out very cool.”

Brandon will no doubt gather a temporary group and go on tour with his new album. Concerts in Mexico have already been confirmed, but the announcement of other performances is just around the corner. He will also interrupt his solo tour in June to perform with The Killers at the Delaware Festival. Flowers confirms that regardless of whether his new album “The Desired Effect” achieves the desired effect, he will continue to work with The Killers anyway.

“I really love our group and I am proud of what we have achieved. And I believe in what we have to offer.”

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