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Do not complicate the relationship with the audience. Interview with the NAIV group
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Pauses in words …

The post-rock scene of St. Petersburg has been developing extremely rapidly lately. It is probably understandable – the very atmosphere of the northern city blown by all the winds, where either a lead sky hangs or clouds suddenly fly overhead contributes to the development of a shugase and a guitar dub – and all that is now called post-rock.

KOSMOS.COM – one of the brightest representatives of this direction. The guys from the banks of the Neva – and straight to Moscow: on February 20th they will play a concert at the Gogol club together with the no less interesting metropolitan team “Alterday”, but for now – an interview filled with long pauses of dots and thoughtful phrases.

How long have you been formed? Tell us about your group: how many participants, what are the relationships within the team?

We play everything for a very long time – at least 10 years. There are three of us at this coin. I am Oleg (guitar, vocals), Artem (guitar, programming), Andrey (drums, keys, programming). We remained in such a composition not so long ago, about a year, before that our friend Sasha (bass guitar) played with us, but at some point our paths diverged. Now there are three of us, we are all very different with pluses and minuses, apparently that’s why it turns out what happens – it’s up to you to judge. We experience some comfort and peace in this form. We know what to expect from each other and look at things realistically.

How do you characterize your music: in direction, in emotions?

Our music is very beautiful, I’m not ashamed, I’m not mistaken, and I know what I’m saying. I bring all the basic things, together we develop this into something more. Of course, this is not a party or music for you to relax. You will not find any sunshine there. Everything that worries us, everything there, everything in it – pain, despondency, fear, despair, all the most popular products in modern music, but for us it is what we really encounter in life, and not because we like someone this or something, and we love to wear black clothes, otherwise it would be nonsense, complete nonsense. At the same time, black curtains do not hang at home and there are no problems with humor, that is, we are “normal”, although this is already ridiculous. As for the direction, it is worth listening to us and you will immediately understand who we love and which of the artists influenced us, this is obvious.

Why did you start playing exactly what you are playing now?

The mood is very important for us – you choose the music you want to play according to your mood. No reggae (except CAT). Dark, beautiful, deep is what attracted us. Of course post-punk, of course Cave, Radiohead, what else could we play.

You are from Leningrad, does the city affect creativity? How exactly did he influence your music?

The city, a lot has been said about our city, a lot of superfluous, I think. They rush with him like a chicken with an egg and try to squeeze the maximum, they do not like him. “Love – Shut up”, and “the rest of the guys” only aggravate everything. Of course, there is something here and you need to be an idiot in order not to understand this. But you have to cut into it – you can’t buy it from Savior on Blood.

Are you romantic by yourself?

No, and prone to sarcasm.

Which domestic teams are you interested in?

Letov, Zemfira, Tsoi, Oldie.

Are there any western landmarks in terms of music? What kind of music do you listen to? Do you like any of the popular artists?

It has already been said above.

What is your creativity directed at? Are there any basic ideas? Do you raise any problems with your music? Ask a question? I would like to learn more about the semantic content of your work.

Our creativity is directed at ourselves, we want to answer first to ourselves, and then to break something or to teach someone. I do not even know. Our music makes sense, you need to listen, everything is there, everything is very clear there, if not, you’re just wasting your time.

What kind of fans are they: a portrait of the average KOSMOS.COM listener?

Fragile, seeking, sick, unhealthy, very different people who want to hope …. that all suffering has at least some sense, that everything in general has some kind of meaning.

What to expect for those who visit your concert on February 20? How do you behave on stage?
One must expect emotions, beauty, revelations. We do not behave on stage. We peer closely at our shoes (laugh). The guys are a theater elsewhere.

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