Plunging into anxiety: an interview with Palma Violets
Doomed love and paranoia: Palma Violets about their new, defiantly British album. The city of Austin, Texas, subdued the noise of rain, while Sam Fryer and Chilly Jesson are sitting…

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The punk godmother Nina Hagen remains true to herself: the punk grandmother attracts attention among the German mainstream
Nina Hagen rarely gives balanced, thoughtful answers to questions. But she hesitates when answering the question of how to behave, realizing that you are 60 years old. “Probably, as always,…

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We never liked that people would have to pay for our music. Interview with Alt-J
In September 2014, the British indie rock band Alt-J introduced their new album, "This Is All Yours", which soared to the top of UK TOP10 with lightning speed. In two…

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We hope that during the performances the audience is on the same wavelength with us. Interview with OK Go Group

American band OK Go will present their new studio album “Hungry Ghosts” in Russia. The team will present it in Moscow (February 6) and St. Petersburg (February 7).

Based in Los Angeles, but still considering themselves to be a Chicago band, OK Go started in the 1990s with sets opening for Sloan and Elliott Smith, eventually rising to perform at the 50th birthday of Barack Obama – in the titled company Jennifer Hudson and Herbie Hancock .

On the eve of OK Go’s visit to Russia, talked with band bass player Tim Nordwind, asking him about music, concerts, movies and what he knows about Russia.

You had a short break in concert activity from November to February, how did you spend this time?
We looked for ways to further diversify our live performances, discussed ideas for a couple of new videos, and prepared for various TV shows. They released the soundtrack for the movie “Jacuzzi Time Machine 2” in the States, a little DJs, well, and of course tried to spend more time with our friends and families.

In your previous interviews, you mentioned many times that you are inspired by Pixies, T-Rex, Queen, Prince, Fugazi. What about contemporary artists, do they inspire you?
Recently, from contemporary artists I have been listening to the Russian electronics engineer 813, the British neo-soul band Jungle and the new album by Mark Ronson. Yes, we are definitely inspired by all these groups, artists, producers: their live performances, material or just the style and mood that they create.
Photo: Leslie Kalohi

Do you remember the first concert you attended? Do you often go to concerts of other artists nowadays?
My first gig was the Beastie Boys with a tour in support of Licensed To Ill. They were then twenty years old, probably, and I was ten … Fortunately, my parents had no idea what they allowed me to visit: I went to the concert with my mentor. I watched the Beastie Boys pour beer over the audience, there were also naked girls in cages and a huge inflatable cock that towered above the stage. It was … instructive.

In general, I don’t go to a large number of concerts just because during our tour I am constantly surrounded by loud live music, and out of it I try to change my environment, but from time to time I go to performances by some artists. The last major show I attended was Kanye West at the Yeezus Tour, which was quite impressive. But if I want some kind of lively spectacle, I most often attend LA Kings hockey matches. Hockey is like a rock concert, with only a lot of fights, blood and ice.

Are you interested in cinema? If so, who can you name your favorite director? What was the last movie you watched in a movie theater?
Yes, I really like movies. My favorite contemporary director is Wes Anderson. His attention to the smallest details and style are amazing, and early films, especially The Rushmore Academy and Tenenbaum Family, are true masterpieces both in terms of the plot itself and aesthetics; they are beautiful, contradictory and human. The last film I went to the cinema is probably a little-known independent film called “My Child”, I really liked it. It was about a year ago, as you see, I do not often go to the movies, but I watch movies in large quantities at home.

The last time you were in Russia in 2006. Do you remember your performance in Moscow? What did you remember the most during your stay in our country?
Yes, I remember very well that visit to Russia. It was summer, the weather was beautiful. My most vivid memory is rather strange, but I will tell you all the same. A very nice translator worked with us, her father is a Russian producer, and she invited us to a country party in honor of his birthday. To the castle. And the party was held in the basement of this castle. And I have never in my life seen such a wide range of varieties of meat, bread and vodka! A lot of vodka !!! Too much vodka !!! (If this is, of course, possible). Be that as it may, it was very nice of them to let us join in the fun. And in addition to the company of amazing new friends, they had a game room in the dungeon in which they could shoot from a crossbow and throw knives! Given the fact that we were very drunk, such activities were very dangerous, but we got such a thrill! Partly due to the fact that in the United States the closest thing to throwing knives is darts, and this, of course, is simply embarrassing to compare with crossbow shooting.

Your tour in 2015 begins with two performances in Russia. What do you know about our country, maybe there are some stereotypes? What sights of Moscow and St. Petersburg would you like to visit?
Stereotypes … I know that all Russians drink vodka and listen to the Gorky Park band, that among them there are many amazing gymnasts and good skaters … I’m joking, of course. When was the last time I was in Russia, we had very little time to get acquainted with the country, I managed to see only St. Basil’s Cathedral and the Kremlin.

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