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Teignmouth: The city where Muse lives

How many people know the town of Teignmouth, which is located in the south of England and has a population of 15,000 people? Not even all Britons have heard of this. But in every country, no matter how far it is from the UK, there are people who must know about this city, believe me. And the culprits of this geographic enlightenment are Matthew Bellamy, Dominic Howard and Christopher Wollstenholm.

The small but very beautiful Teignmouth has almost a thousand-year history, several attractions, is one of the favorite places for the rest of the British and is proud that in 1818 the great English poet John Keats was resting in it. But at the end of the twentieth century, the city received another reason for pride – the local group Muse, which for more than ten years has been gathering full stadiums around the world.

Pride is pride, but it seems that the municipality of Tinmouth does not particularly appreciate the contribution of the group to the development of the city. In Tinmouth you will not find a single mention of Muse, not a single commemorative plaque. The attitude towards the group there is not unanimously positive or negative. For example, the chairman of the city council, David Cox, believes that the guys deserved to have the inscription “Home Of Muse” (“Muse House”) when entering the city, but officials rejected this idea, justifying it with the supposedly word Muse most tourists associate with candles for the treatment of impotence (Medicated Urethral Suppository for Erection).

If the municipality of the city was really interested in perpetuating the Tinmouth group, which became famous throughout the world, then the problem would be solved elementarily – it was enough to slightly change the phrase, for example, to: “Home Of Group Muse”. In general, the elephant was inflated from a fly.

Almost the only thing that reminds of Muse in Tinmouth is their autographs in the cafe, which is located between the promenade and Den Square.

Indirectly about Muse is a plate with the name of the rehearsal base, with which the band members themselves seem to have no connections.

Also, in the window of one of the bookstores, you can see a book, almost a bible for any music player, – “Out Of This World: The Story Of Muse”, a couple of albums and an advertising poster with the group. I want to note that this is a very successful move, because it is in this, and not in any other bookstore, that a Muse fan will go. Verified by personal experience.

On this the evidence that a great group was born in this city, no less, no less. This is sad. But a devoted fan of Muse (is it worth it to clarify that this is a group?), In Tinmouth there are a lot of reminiscent of your favorite musicians. Let’s start with the place where Matt, House and Chris studied, and at the same time played in various musical groups – Teignmouth Community School.

“If you are between 13 and 18, this place seems like hell. All we did was listen to music and smoke. We had nothing else to do there” (Matthew Bellamy on Tinmouth). With the opinion of Matt, modern teenagers of Tinmouth do not particularly agree. At least not everyone thinks this city is a “hole” (approx. – Another compliment from Bellamy).

However, even then, in the nineties, the guys still had a place where they spent time – this is a pier, on which there are a huge number of different slot machines and attractions. And nowadays this place remains very popular with locals. Even non-gamble fans of Muse should go to the pier, as in a historical place, and perform “Knights Of Cydonia” in Guitar Hero.

But perhaps the most significant place in the city, both for local residents and for Muse fans, is Den Town Square, where all city festivals, concerts and fairs are held. It was here, twenty years ago, that Dominic invited Matthew to his group, and this marked the beginning of the history of Muse. The guys dreamed that one day they would perform in this square, and fulfilled this dream in 2009, being already famous and successful musicians. Let me remind you that in September 2009, the musicians presented their fifth studio album “The Resistance” in Tinmouth, on Den Square – at the place where it all began.

After 2009, the area has changed a bit. Now Muse would have been difficult to arrange a concert on it, because nowadays there are also golf courses and tennis courts on this place.

The square and the promenade offer wonderful views of Ness Hill, located on the opposite bank of the Ten River, in the village of Sheldon. This is one of the favorite places for young members of the group. They often sat on this hill and discussed their ideas and plans regarding music. And it was not for nothing that they did it, because in the end, three provincial boys became famous all over the world, having won the love of millions of people.

Sheldon Village and Teignmouth are connected by the Shaldon Bridge. Yes, it was on him in 2012 that the Muse trio carried the Olympic torch.

Not far from Teignmouth and Sheldon is Newton Abbot. Ten minutes by train and you’re in the city where Muse recorded the second demo (“Newton Abbot Demo”) at Coombeshead Studios.

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