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Rock music is gradually leaving Russia to where it came from – to England. Interview with the Underwood Group

“The playing time of this album is the same as the bubblegum chewing time, while the gum is still sweet,” the musicians of the Underwood group say.

The fans of the Crimean doctors duet will be able to verify this fact on April 1, 2011 in the St. Petersburg Waiting Room club at the presentation of the long-awaited, sixth album under the title “Babl Gam”. On April Fool’s Day, the group will also delight its popular favorite hits, and this is true.

Before the concert, Irina Zakharova talked with the musicians.

The philosophy of sweet bubbles.

Maxim Kucherenko: In the new album, we are trying to lyrically comprehend our generation: all the heroes have one thing in common – the impression is that they never had sex, they are driven by a platonic reactive force, which is why they take off.

Vladimir Tkachenko: This is a bubble that can be inflated to the size of a balloon and fly into the naive world of easy relationships and safe sex, into the world of bubble gum. On the other hand, it is a symbol of thoughtless animal consumption, the image of sincere pop, when there is power, there is will, but there is no will power !.

Some compositions of the new disc have long been appealing to our consciousness on the radio: for example, this one: “Young lions go into battle! They do not care that the goddess of victory has no head!” By the way, this naughty song in the commercial will illustrate Russia as a contender for the 2018 World Cup.

And the famous composition “Yoga and Alcohol” recently stirred up the coast of the Indian Ocean: the inhabitants of Goa and the ubiquitous Russian hipsters joined the healthy lifestyle on the set of the video.

The grace of the language game, social satire, cleverly arranged in the texts of the eroticism network, clockwork music and interesting stories behind the creation of each song – whatever you say, but the album “Bubble Gum” has nothing to do with the phrase “pull the rubber”!

What questions are you better off not asking?

Vladimir Tkachenko: Those who give intimacy. The interviewer believes that if he puts them on the forehead, he will stun the interviewee – he will fold his legs, lower his tail and begin to babble about the number of hairs on his toothbrush and his favorite brands of underpants. Therefore, the question “Why is your group called” Underwood “?” I ask you to consider it deeply intimate.


Maxim Kucherenko: By the way, we don’t have any songs dedicated to the same typewriter. Enough with her and the 15-year-old branding of our fiery activity !.

Honey of Underwood’s Muse: If you open a group’s creative page called “Beginning”, it turns out that we are dealing with professional doctors! Vladimir Tkachenko was engaged in anesthesiology and intensive care, and Maxim Kucherenko – in psychiatry.

Do you continue to consider yourself a doctor in your soul?

Vladimir Tkachenko: Personally, I have not been a doctor for a long time, medical knowledge and skills leave my poor head – there is only one Latin left! But that period was pretty fun. I’ll tell you one joke: on Easter we worked in intensive care, and our manager wanted to call the head of the department of neurology for important cases of one patient. The call was: “Hello, Anna Pavlovna, hello, this is Polinchuk, intensive care. Christ is risen, Anna Pavlovna !.

Once you staged an “unauthorized concert on the roof of the medical institute’s clinic” …

Maxim Kucherenko: The whole hostel supported this idea: who brought the power cord to the roof, who drained a rain puddle with a hose, who tried to knock money off from someone, who brought alcohol, and who brought cops … A lifetime!

Yes, Underwood then gravitated to effects!

Vladimir Tkachenko: It was not out of protest (to protest against medicine is a sin, against power – there was no power: the bandits are alone, it is good to be against yourself, but early), but because of the joy of our natures and endless drive in the blood. It was as if we declared: “Look: we are not like you!” And we were told: “Dudes, it’s clear that you’re not like that, calm down already.” There were practically no fatal episodes, unless someone threw the Rolling Stones record out of the window at our feet when we went to play at the Chervona Ruta festival: it touched us so much !.

Doctors have long been obsessed with craving in the open, unashamedly, and talking about sex with special enthusiasm. Many of your songs are with erotic connotations, one is even devoted to sex. What is the beauty of songs about this “dirty business”?

Maxim Kucherenko: Sex is one of the most important identities of human culture. Of course, everyone is interested in his ritual, magical part: everything that anticipates. This is the only intersection of male and female sensuality. When sex has already begun, the secret turns into biology … But biology is no longer a fairy tale, but a technique of pleasure. Children are the ultimate recipients of love. The most deserved.

Once you said that you can compare yourself with the smoke of ships that another DDT group began to burn in the fall … Are you close to rock or have you already invented new ships with a new name?

Maxim Kucherenko: In our new album, rock music and pop music staged a desperate massacre. The role of the referee in it was played by the sound producer Stupka Evgen, known for working with the Ocean of Elsa, Zemfira, Night Snipers.

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