Pretending to be a successful person. Interview with the Chebose Group
To illustrate the interview with Vasya Goncharov, the leader of the rock band "Cheboza", we photographed all the current members of his band separately and combined all this into one…

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Moon Dogs - Relaxed Angloman
"Decadence" - a fashionable club town on the Admiralty Embankment. Tables, a bar, a cozy scene in a wall niche, midgets - waiters' assistants. Recently, LUNAR DOGS have often performed…

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10 frontmen who showed themselves in solo work
Any musical collective, good or not, has its own leader - this is the founder, vocalist, songwriter, ideological inspirer and a great charismatic, in the end (underline what is necessary).…

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Those Days Interview for BRITISH WAVE Portal

The questions were answered by Kirill Volkov (guitar), Oleg Karpachev (Vocal) and Nikita Novitsky (guitar).

BW: Hi guys, thank you for agreeing to answer a few questions for our portal. Tell us briefly about the group.

Kirill: Not at all. We are always happy to share what is happening with us. So, the group Those Days has been around for almost 3 years. In the summer of 2005, Oleg and I worked on our first album, a little later Nikita joined. Thus, the constant participants are Oleg, Nikita and me. During this time we released an album and EP, played a bunch of concerts in various cities. We are currently preparing a new album, which will be released in September on Trustrecords.

BW: Tell us about your work on the new album.

Kirill: In general, this album is very difficult for us. We changed several musicians, faced a number of serious problems, but in the end the work continues. We have been preparing material for the new record since the beginning of 2007. And by and large, we planned to release a disc by the end of last year. In the summer of 2007, we began a partnership with Trust Records, and we were invited to take part in the Sea of ​​Emotion Tour 2007. Work on the album had to be postponed.

At the same time, we changed the drummer, so all the forces were devoted to preparing the concert program. The tour, by the way, went perfectly. All thanks to the excellent company represented by bands such as Radio Cambodia, Tenkorr, Marakesh and Scotch.
We returned to work on the album in November, inventing a few more songs, and redoing the arrangements in almost all the previously prepared ones.
In late December, recorded “pilot” versions of songs, and in January began recording. The drums and guitars were recorded quickly, but the work on the bass went on for several months, as our familiar session bass player recorded it. At that moment, the bass player was dismissed from the group, but a new person has not yet been found.
At the moment, Oleg begins to record vocals, it remains to add keys and samples, and everything will be ready.

BW: What are the lyrics on the new album about? How would you characterize the style of the new record? Is there any kind of concept?

Oleg: Perhaps, first of all, it’s really worth talking about the concept before talking about the lyrics. We are moving further away from the classical two-part and three-part forms, along the path to the compositional complication of songs. Our friends, listening to the premixes of the upcoming material, say that in some places it looks like a rock opera. It is enough to mention Jesus Christ Superstar to understand what I mean. I can’t say that we will absolutely stick to this course in the future, but, in any case, this is an extremely interesting experiment for us. Thus, summing up the preliminary results, I would put the record in the section of art rock or progressive. However, the upcoming disc will also contain compositions that are easier to perceive: those about which I, speaking a spade a spade, speak of pop music, albeit in a hard rock arrangement.

Recently, I was fascinated by the Swedish rock scene, especially the fact that people there, first of all, try to catch not by how fast their fingers move along the bar and not by heart-rending screams into the microphone, but by pronounced melodies and excellent taste. I will not give the names – they are little known, but in this way, in my opinion, work at the drive in or work queen; I understand that it is difficult to compare these two teams, but I’m just talking about the fact that there is a common feature – bright melodies falling into the head, parts perfectly aligned rhythmically – a combination of recitative technique and singing.

Of course, the more complex the form of the work, the more difficult it is to work on the accompanying lyrics. It is easy to explain: harmonies change and mood changes; the heartbeat of the rhyme goes astray, however, as part, changing to part, changes the rhythmic component of the verse. But, like any rebus, this is damn interesting. I want to put a maximum of meaning into the songs, while I want everything to sound corporate in terms of vocals, and this imposes serious restrictions on the words used. I really like the lyrics of Sakura. Or the Mashnin Band, if you recall the veterans. Serious text in 7 Races.

I would like to emphasize that too few alternative groups devote sufficient attention to poetry in their songs, moreover, of well-known groups. What will even the most sincere song mean if the lines in it are beaten or naive or simply illiterate? It’s important for me. I am sure that there will be many people for whom this is important as well.

BW: Tell us how the work process in the group takes place, and how is the work on the new record and the previous EP different?

Nikita: Relatively recently, a new member Yegor (bass guitar) joined our group, so we try to rehearse as tightly as possible, play with him, even in the summer, when almost everyone has a rest, the work is in full swing. Regarding the recording of discs, the main difference in the work on the last album is that now we are trying to find our sound.

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