The Unstoppable Hoster
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Nina Karlsson: the modest charm of change
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Teignmouth: The city where Muse lives
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Moon Dogs – Relaxed Angloman

“Decadence” – a fashionable club town on the Admiralty Embankment.
Tables, a bar, a cozy scene in a wall niche, midgets – waiters’ assistants. Recently, LUNAR DOGS have often performed here – big hunters of the British beat and rhythm and blues. They play their songs in the same spirit, and for the sake of pleasure – BEATLES, ROLLING STONES, BLUR, RADIOHEAD. They are charming and respectful professionals, preparing to become stars. Step by step, club by club, clip by clip.

FUZZ Can’t get your audience with your material?
Nikita Kozlov: Do we need this ourselves? Not sure. We just recorded a debut album for a very long time. A little tired. In addition, this club is a small playground.

FUZZ Are you English?
Nikita: Of course. The British are well done. BEATLES is a basic example. They know how to work on themselves, on sound, it’s good to record this sound, high quality. And the musicians are great.

FUZZ And why are the fellows not Russian?
Nikita: Because vodka, women, accordion and salmon. I do not think that it depends on the mentality. For musicians, it depends on what kind of music you listen and love. On it you are brought up and learn to play. Everyone, even BEATLES, shot other people’s songs. This is what makes up their music – various variations of other people’s moves, pieces. We are also trying to do this. Because this is an English version of working on songs, on sounds.

FUZZ Why are you more attracted to England than to America?
Nikita: Probably because we love BEATLES, BLUR more than RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS. The British were and will be the most fashionable people, the best, the most relaxed. Only relaxed people can write good music and play. They sew good clothes, good shoes. England is a magical place.

FUZZ What do you mean relaxed?
Nikita: There are many people who live in their complexes. They live in their frames. We call it hallucinosis. This is when people live momentary. Dismissed, for example, from work – everything, a shank. And you just need to relax and say to yourself: “Dismissed, so what?”. But it’s hard to relax to the end – to feel normal in any circumstances.

FUZZ Your lifestyle as relaxed people?
Nikita: We play music – this is the coolest, because you really get into a trance on stage. This is flight, feeling – as the meaning of life. At these moments, you feel so relaxed, and not alone, but with the guys. A single field, and it presses on the people who listen. Like collective meditation.

FUZZ Can you call music a drug?
Nikita: Music is the toughest drug for me. If you lost about 8 years on some musical instrument, sang, listened to other groups – you never quit.

FUZZ Why did you get into music?
Nikita: Solely because of BEATLES. My dad is a musician. He was very young when I was born. He was 19 years old, he and his mother listened to BEATLES. It was the year 1975. And I also listened when I was born. And with each new BEATLES album I was getting more and more involved, I turned into a Beatleman. Learned English. Then other British bands began – ROLLING STONES, SEARCHERS, SWINGING BLUE JEANS, ZOMBIES … Then I went to music school. 5 years old sang in the choir and played the piano. Then a guitar fell into my hands, at the age of 12. And it began: nights without sleep, absenteeism at school.

FUZZ And Russian rock or electronic music?
Nikita: I like different music, the same CHEMICAL BROTHERS, PRODIGY. Russian rock – no, absolutely. After English music, it sounded vulgar and obscene. You can list good groups on the fingers.

FUZZ Grebenshchikov?
Nikita: I like the way he sings, but it makes little sense to me.

FUZZ In my opinion, there are too many of them.
Nikita: When there is too much sense, it becomes small. There is such a process in the life of musicians when they already become professionals. Everyone can afford, everyone can play, and nothing can stop them. Sometimes this moment comes too early, when you haven’t got enough technique, and then you play three chords all your life and sing one melody. For me, all the songs of BG are one big song. Although I respect him very much. We also had this moment, but later. Then it was not necessary to play cool, because there was no one at all. And now the XXI century, it’s not interesting to play badly. One of the reasons why I took up music was because no one could do me normally. As a result, I took the guitar and made myself fine myself. And when you play better and better, you like it even more.

FUZZ What conditions do you need to compose something?
Nikita: I like rain, summer and night very much. Why do we have so much rain in our songs? Petersburg theme.

FUZZ What kind of girls do you like?
Nikita: Interesting, with whom there is something to talk about. Because there was so much else in life … Performing on stage is only one side of the coin. And the second – you become number one for several girls in the hall and you can go up to anyone and say: “Let’s go.” And she will go. It was, of course, more than once. But now there is no strength to listen to stupid things. I want a big and bright love.

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