The Unstoppable Hoster
We live in a century of superstars “from a neighboring courtyard,” from Ed Sheeran and Ben Howard to Khozier, who is currently tearing away to the full on both sides…

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Request to Interpol. Interview with Interpol Guitarist
After several years of rumors and gossip, Russia finally got to the key post-punk band of the zero - the New York group Interpol. On March 26, musicians will perform…

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Pauses in words ...
The post-rock scene of St. Petersburg has been developing extremely rapidly lately. It is probably understandable - the very atmosphere of the northern city blown by all the winds, where…

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We are inspired by life itself. Interview with the Magellanic Cloud Group

The Moscow group Magellanic Cloud formed in the winter of 2010 from particles of diverse creative and musical matter. Creativity “Magellanic Cloud” is folk rock with a pronounced melodic component and deep lyrics, rich in images and symbolism. Musicians themselves define their musical style as cardiowave, while music critics draw analogies with the Aquarium group and find similarities in symphony with Electric Light Orchestra.

The other day the group presented in Moscow and St. Petersburg their new single “The Arctic Ocean”,
which will be included in the band’s future album. On this occasion, talked with the band’s frontman Sergey Dvoretsky and asked him about new material, inspiration and experiments.

Tell us how your group was formed?
The Magellanic Cloud group was formed after I spent a certain amount of time in completely different projects, including copyright and non-copyright ones, and it became clear that it was necessary to do something specific. Those musicians were selected with whom it was possible and necessary to do this, and, as a matter of fact, everything went and went. From a natural desire to make music.

How would you accurately describe your style? Maybe there is some more literary comparison?
I’m only now beginning to roughly understand which of the existing styles could be attributed to what we are doing, and am moving away from these literary epithets that we very often used when talking about our own music. I don’t know, it seems to me that these songs are outside of certain formats. This can be attributed to neo-folk, but it is in this modern sense of the word, to draw analogies with the Scottish King Kreosote, with the Irish Villagers. We are probably from the same opera.

And what would you do if you had not gathered a group?
I think it would be impossible to do something else. I did some other things at a certain time in my life, but, in parallel with this, I continued to do music. Of course, I really want music to be the only thing I would do.
photo: Ekaterina Moneva

Can you tell me how the work went on on your new single, “The Arctic Ocean”, which you released not so long ago?
The Arctic Ocean is a long-standing dream that such a process would take place. We recorded this song together at the same time, and not as usual, when one musician is recorded first, then the next one on top, then another one. All four people were simultaneously in the studio, as did the British musicians of the 60s and 70s.

Share ideas on new stuff? When to expect a new album?
I will not dissemble and say that the new material really is in a certain form, work is already underway, and progress has begun. The single “Arctic Ocean” is an omen of the fact that we are moving on.

Will the single “The Arctic Ocean” be included in the new album?
How the stars will fall. On the one hand, maybe, but on the other hand, maybe not. The album itself will tell us whether there is a place for the song “The Arctic Ocean”, or whether it will remain overboard.

Since we have already talked about new material, are any experiments planned?
The most interesting thing is that all the experiments that we have, happen just unplanned. As soon as we begin to plan something, for example, an experiment with a bass drum, nothing happens. As soon as the process begins, suddenly – bang – let’s record the sitar in this song, let’s reverse the guitars, and so on. Therefore, to say that we have planned some kind of experiment is impossible. We know that it will happen anyway.
photo: Ekaterina Moneva

What inspires you? Are there any people who are role models?
In fact, there are a lot of such people, musicians and not only. Life itself inspires me, from it I draw inspiration. It comes without asking, at any, sometimes even the most inappropriate moment, but it is not necessary to condemn it, therefore I try to catch and turn it into sounds, notes.

Remember the most unusual performance you had?
Probably, each performance is unusual in its own way. But there was one performance last fall in St. Petersburg, when I was ruthlessly pounded by electric shocks. This happens when the clubs are not very well grounded, and you play the electric guitar. If you eat at the same time, then you can tap on the lips. The next day I had lips like a top model who pumped them with a botex. At the same time, on stage I absolutely did not hear a single word that I sing, I sang blindly. But emotions were still good, this incident did not affect them in any way.

The most unusual gift from the fans?
Gifts are given, and they are all so unusual that it would be immodest of me to say that some gift is more unusual than another. Recently, souvenirs were brought from Mordovia. I have never been to Mordovia, and now I have special things from there. The main gift is probably the warmth that occurs in people when they hear songs.

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