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Request to Interpol. Interview with Interpol Guitarist

After several years of rumors and gossip, Russia finally got to the key post-punk band of the zero – the New York group Interpol. On March 26, musicians will perform in the Moscow club “A2” (formerly “B1”), and on March 27 – in the St. Petersburg Glavklub. For their Russian debut, the group stole up with a solid baggage of four albums. However, the press considered the last of them to be the most unsuccessful in the career of Interpol. In addition, the indestructible quartet lost the charismatic bass player Carlos Dengler, having reduced to a laconic trio.

On the eve of concerts in Moscow and St. Petersburg, Andrei Konyaev talked to Interpol guitarist Daniel Kessler.

Tell us a little about working on the new album?

Carlos (ex-Interpol bass player Carlos Dengler) and I began writing material for the new record as soon as we finished the tour dedicated to the third album, Our Love to Admire. That was at the end of 2008. Then we got together as a whole group, came up with arrangements and recorded material – we spent the first half of 2009 on this. Then we seriously sat in our New York studio, recorded tracks. Finished work in the London studio of Alan Molder, who was involved in mixing the disc. He is an excellent specialist, by the way, he made a lot of cool drives. In general, we got an album in which we tried a new sound and which for us was a significant step forward. We on the disc sound like an already experienced team that implements specific musical ideas.

Did you start recording right after the tour? Didn’t you even take a break?

No, what are you. It may, of course, seem like a lot of time has passed between the third and fourth disc. But if you look more closely, it turns out that this is not true – we sat down to write material for the album in September-October 2008. Of course, some time must pass – we, as a group, need to come up with new ideas for songs, record, reduce. Plus, the label itself should prepare the record for release. But the break was not long.

But how to relax?

Well, I managed to snatch a day here and there. But not more.

How did the group react to Carlos leaving the group?

Of course, we didn’t want Carlos to leave at all. But we in the group communicate quite tightly and knew that Carlos wanted to do something else in life, to look for himself in other areas of activity outside of rock music. All this for him, while remaining at Interpol, it would be difficult to do. In general, his departure on the one hand was not a surprise, but he was not something that we had been waiting for from day to day. For several months we discussed various options for his participation, so that only he would remain in the group. The departure of Carlos has become quite a difficult moment for us.

Has the atmosphere in the group changed dramatically since Carlos left?

Of course! I mean, if any member of the group, what’s the group there, just a company of friends, leaves her (this company, in the sense), then of course the dynamics change, even if only a little. And do not forget that Carlos is just a wonderful person and a great musician. So it would be foolish to assume that nothing will change after his departure. But, you know, we didn’t seem to get worse – we’ve been playing without him for six months now, the audience likes our shows. So we are moving forward.

Where do you like to give concerts most of all?

It’s hard to say, to be honest. The fact is that we are lucky, and the nature of our music is such that if the listener speaks at the concert and you yourself like it, then an excellent concert will turn out anywhere and with any company. That is, you just forget what kind of city, and even forget the country, because only the moment matters. Of course, something can be expected from this or that city, for example, that the crowd will be noisy simply because it is such a city. But it happens that you come to a small town, and there you meet a very warm welcome, enthusiasm. In general, I don’t have a favorite city – I like concerts where everything is interesting and cool.

In general, no pets?

No, of course, I have favorite cities where I just like to come. But as for the speeches, no.

Tell me, why haven’t you reached Russia before?

Well, not that we didn’t want or something like that, no. It just happened that our tours passed by your country. And now we managed to include Russia in the tour. By the way, when we discussed possible cities before the start of the tour, our manager suggested that we visit, among other things, Russia. Honestly, we really liked this idea – we love to travel to new unexplored places. So we tried to make everything work out. Here it was also played that our agent tried very hard – he agreed on everything, squeezed Moscow into our schedule. By the way, there used to be talk about stopping by to Russia, but they never got to the concert.

During the tours, when you have a free minute, what do you do? Are you reading, are you listening to music?

You know, I read a lot. And not a particular genre, but a variety of books. For example, Hilary Mantel just finished Wolf Hall.

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