Muted attention-grabbing. Interview with Jose Gonzalez
A velvet voice, complemented by a filigree guitar playing, sounding on several albums. Swedish singer Jose González seems to be an artist who cares little about the attention of the…

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Those Days Interview for BRITISH WAVE Portal
The questions were answered by Kirill Volkov (guitar), Oleg Karpachev (Vocal) and Nikita Novitsky (guitar). BW: Hi guys, thank you for agreeing to answer a few questions for our portal.…

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21 strangest concert venues
What makes a concert special? Is it just the quality sound of the band you came to see? Or, at least in part, the relevance of the environment? This list…

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7 of the strangest musical duets

Inspired by the strange duet of Kesha and Iggy Pop, the editors of the German branch of Rolling Stone magazine wondered what other dubious musical collaborations were.

Having rummaged through the archives, they compiled a list including Willy Nelson in collaboration with Snoop Dogg, Kylie Minogue in a duet with the frog Kermit, Frank Sinatra with Bono, and others.

1. Willie Nelson & Snoop Dogg – “Superman”
Nelson and Snoop Dogg recorded together more than once: Nelson sang in the track “Superman” on Snoop’s 2011 album “Doggumentary”, a little later Snoop Dogg took revenge in “Roll Me And Smoke When I Die” singing with Nelson, Chris Kristofferson and Jamie Johnson . Yes, you read it right: Snoop Dogg really sang, not rap. That is why we included this duet in the list.

2. Nick Cave & Kylie Minogue – “Where The Wild Roses Grow”
We deliberately wrote in the headline that we had chosen “strange” duets – nothing was said about whether the final result was good or bad. This duet belongs to the category of masterpieces – and let’s be honest: could anyone think in 1995 that Kylie Minogue would dare to perform something so deep and gloomy? With a guy like Nick Cave? Not. But that is exactly what happened. Cave, by the way, recalled: “Where The Wild Roses Grow” I wrote with thoughts about Kylie. For many years, I wanted to compose something for her. I sympathized with her for more than 6 years, wrote a lot of songs for her, but I did not find one suitable, good enough for her. But when I composed this song – a conversation between the killer and his victim – I thought I created what I needed. I sent her a copy with the lyrics and the next day she told me that it sounds fabulous. ”

3. Kylie Minogue & Kermit “Especially For You”
And again, Kylie: this time in a combination that creates the perfect bridge between childhood and youth. The Muppets can be considered cool, even as an adult, and the shoes that Miss Minogue wore especially for Kermit get even hot, fresh teenage fantasies are inflamed. But, uh, here we are talking, of course, about music and I must say that this duet is full of charm and Kermit is pretty good as a singer. Although both of them are a little nauseous, even taking into account the fact that one of them does not have a nose.

4. Linkin Park, Jay-Z, Paul McCartney – “Numb / Encore / Yesterday”
There are collaborations that should not have been. The fact that such a venerable rapper like Jay-Z records a crossover, more like jelly, with such a simple group like Linkin Park, is already quite lousy. But the fact that Paul McCartney was also on board, taken to appease the audience at the Grammy Awards – this really shouldn’t have happened. Chester Bennington sounds just as horrible as McCartney looked in a white suit that evening.

5. Ozzy Osbourne & Jessica Simpson – “Winter Wonderland”
A suggestive Christmas song, a windy blonde and a rocker in years that can no longer scare even six-year-olds. You will get all this if you listen to the interpretation of Ozzy Osbourne and Jessica Simpson. Everything happened in 2008. Maybe someone mixed something that shouldn’t have been in a mixture for baking Christmas muffins?

6. Frank Sinatra & Bono – “I’ve Got You Under My Skin”
In 1993, Bono and Frank Sinatra sang the duet “I’ve Got You Under My Skin”. Even for the swing legend himself, Bono did not take off his sunglasses. Well, manners! Obviously, the interest was not to the extent mutual in order to shoot a video in the same location. Or Sinatra could no longer travel. In any case, Bono’s collaboration made such an indelible impression that he soon went to the New York bar to perform the song with his puzzled band.

7. Johnny Cash & Fiona Apple – “Father & Son”
The song was and remains beautiful, because the original of Cat Stevens is so strong that it is too difficult to ruin it. Even Boyzone did not manage to do this, although they were very close to this. Well, yes, the version of Johnny Cash and Fiona Apple from American IV: The Man Comes Around was liked by many – we too – and was even nominated for a Grammy in the category “Best Joint Vocal Country Performance”. Strangeness, however, remains: the contrast between the rumbling singing of the late Cache and Apple’s gentle, clear voice emphasizes the theme of the song – a generational conflict, and does it very nicely. But we could not survive the collapse of logic in this composition: a father and daughter (or a neighbor? Or a friend of his son? Or a cleaning lady?) Sing that they worry about their son. And it’s weird to imagine that Cache, being in the studio, could look at Apple and sing “Look at me, I am old, but I’m happy. / I was once like you are now” (Look at me, I’m old, but happy. / Once I was the same as you). But the truth is, the song remains beautiful. “Just relax, take it easy.”

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