Dave Grohl: "If the song dedicated to your ass comes first, this is a clear problem"
After almost thirty years of rock and roll, Dave Grohl is still playing real rock, making films and television shows, and trying, according to him, "not to seem like a…

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Dave Grohl: "If the song dedicated to your ass comes first, this is a clear problem"
After almost thirty years of rock and roll, Dave Grohl is still playing real rock, making films and television shows, and trying, according to him, "not to seem like a…

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Guitar music is not in the best position right now. Interview with Eighteen Nightmares At The Lux
Music at the junction of honesty and outrageous is Eighteen Nightmares At The Lux. Sometimes it seems that they belong to a different era - the times when the concerts…

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The punk godmother Nina Hagen remains true to herself: the punk grandmother attracts attention among the German mainstream

Nina Hagen rarely gives balanced, thoughtful answers to questions. But she hesitates when answering the question of how to behave, realizing that you are 60 years old.

“Probably, as always, but by no means like an old racist,” the answer appears on her Facebook page. On March 11, the singer and actress should already have known the answer to this question, since it was then her birthday.

“Obstruct” was on the security officer’s request form for Nina to enter the theater school in the early 70s. Such as she – from the age of 12, “dishonestly” refusing to join the FDJ youth in the communist union, and besides being the stepdaughter of the author of the songs, dissident Wolf Birman, it was impossible to contribute to beginnings. Only here to prevent Nina Hagen officials of the GDR could not. After her first performance with a band in neighboring Poland, she finally got a real vocal education. With the sticky song “Du hast den Farbfilm vergessen” Hagen entrenched in the collective consciousness of the GDR. Then she was only 19.

After Wolf Birman was expelled from the country in 1976, Nina and her mother Eva Maria did not keep anything in the GDR. Their westward journey first led Nina to London, where she plunged into the growing punk culture, and then to West Berlin. With songs like “TV Glotzer”, she made it clear to everyone that her banter over the holy world relates not only to the eastern part of Germany. She, along with the Nina Hagen Band, laid the foundation for a new German wave.

In middle age, Nina moved to the United States, where she lived in subsequent years, rejoicing in the commercial success of English-language songs. In 1981, she gave birth to a daughter, whom she called Cosma Shiva Hagen. But she never lost contact with the London scene: the defiant girl from the Eastern Bloc constantly attracted attention to her work. Soon she will become the “grandmother of the punk,” his godmother.

Meanwhile, already being a mother of 2 children, she returned to Europe, while also visiting India, a country that she calls the “spiritual mother”. After turning to Hinduism and Krishna, she performed on a variety of television shows that had absolutely nothing to do with punk, such as “Popstars”, in which she performed characteristic frenzy.

Change in mindset

After two not very long marriages with partners, she was much younger than herself, in 2009, Nina Hagen stunned the whole world by baptizing, and in addition introducing the audience with a bang the accepted album “Personal Jesus” and the autobiography “Bekenntnisse: Mein Weg zu Gott” (Recognition: my way to God). “Jesus also did not take her seriously,” Hagen later addressed in the magazine “Melodie und Rhythmus” to those who doubted her sincerity when changing her faith.

On the eve of the celebration, the singer again fell into the spotlight. Among other things, Nina wished to perform with her friend Meret Becker in the “Berlin Ensemble” (drama theater in Berlin, founded in 1949 by Bertold Brecht, one of Germany’s most famous theaters – approx. Ed.) With excerpts from the works of Bertold Brecht. Hagen talks about this and much more with the zeal of a teenage girl on her Facebook page, which she uses to express her political views. At the same time, she adheres unshakably to punk ideals. So the love of both peace and chaos is not mutually exclusive.

“The Beatles are probably to blame for everything”: Nina Hagen about faith, her plans and what infuriates her

Punk diva Nina Hagen in an interview with the German News Agency said that it was really important for her what she was working on and what annoyed her.

How did punk come from a girl from the GDR?
The Beatles and The Rolling Stones are most likely to blame. Rock music then meant revolution for us, a window to freedom. Therefore, the desire to do rock itself arose quite early.

Are your outrageous costumes also relevant?
Well, damn it, it wasn’t so that I was standing on the stage and every time a bucket of paint fell on me. I recall that as a teenager, I once looked at myself in my mother’s mirror and thought: Oh God, it won’t do that. My beauty is too harsh. Then I started experimenting with makeup.

They hung a bunch of labels on you. How would you describe yourself?
Human. I am the daughter of my mother and my father. And, of course, a child of the Creator.

Creator is the key word. You adhered to Hinduism for a long time, and at 54 you were unexpectedly baptized …
Faith accompanies me all my life. At 17, I was thrown through the Universe in LSD trips into the thick of hell. And then I remembered that I could appeal to the help of God. As a result, I got out of my body, falling into the dimension, where I met face to face with Jesus Christ. That was my baptism of fire, spiritual baptism.

Is your faith the cause of social activity?
Yes, like my personal life. My paternal grandfather managed to take all relatives and children abroad before the persecution of Jews began in 1933. When he returned to Germany, his own friends tried to put him in a psychiatric clinic:

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