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21 strangest concert venues

What makes a concert special? Is it just the quality sound of the band you came to see? Or, at least in part, the relevance of the environment?

This list shows that she has not the last role: since live performances have appeared, any place can be “appropriate”.

There is no too high elevation, not enough deep coal mine or too small oil derricks or ice floes. If the place is somewhere near planet Earth, then you can bet that some idiot has already organized a live performance and is playing some kind of tunes there.

We bring to your attention the most ridiculous concert venues that have ever been invented by man.

At the bottom of the salt mine
When it comes to a deep dungeon, you remember not only Jamiroquai (note “Deeper Underground” – the 1998 single Jamiroquai). In 2007, Queens Of The Stone Age performed in a salt mine in the city of Sondershausen in Germany, at a depth of about a kilometer. As you can see in this 360˚ photo, an audience of 300 people was required to wear helmets and overalls. “Now we are officially the most underground rock band in the world,” Josh Homm quipped.

On wall street
You can applaud the Rage Against The Machine. When they started, they were aggressive, had firm principles, clearly stated their thoughts, seemed the last rock musicians, real men. Especially in moments like the 2000 video “Sleep Now In The Fire,” where they climbed onto the New York Stock Exchange, protesting against the capitalist status quo, which made them heroes. As a result, the RATM was fired by the police and the bankers did not heed them.

At the Berlin Wall
While the world is celebrating the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, it’s worth remembering that there is something more important that has greater depth than civil rights: David Hasselhoff was here! Within a few weeks of the initial dismantling, Hoff, dressed in a luminous bomber jacket and a piano-shaped scarf with the keys of a piano, was lifted by an autotower into the night sky to stupefy everyone with his 1989 hit “Looking For Freedom”.

In Pompeii
In 1971, Pink Floyd played 4 nights at the 2000-year-old amphitheater in Pompeii. From the filming of that time, in combination with shots of 2 nights from the Europasonor studio in Paris, the film “Pink Floyd: Live at Pompeii” was edited. Despite all the pomposity, a trick with Pompeii to the point is not suitable for the last rounds of the group, which looked like theatrical performances.

In space
In 2013, Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield, while at the International Space Station, performed a cover version of “Space Oddity” by David Bowie and shot a video. Given the fact that it is impossible to get to the venue of the concert, we understand that we are exaggerating, calling it a “concert”.

In the Parliament building
Bondi Beach, Great Wall of China, Igloo; Fatboy Slim played in a number of unusual venues around the world, but the UK Parliament was the most unusual place. In 2013, the big guy Norm DJ in the British government, in the terrace bar of the House of Commons of Great Britain, supporting the winner of the national competition of performers, engineering student Bruce Moore. Oh, imagine these crowds of lousy MPs.

At the pyramids of Giza
Electronic music pioneer Jean-Michel Jarre performed a setlist of the 31st song at the Giza pyramid complex on the eve of 2000. 120,000 people celebrated the new millennium with the Frenchman, witnessing a sensational light show with images projected onto ancient buildings. Although this is certainly one of the few situations where the phrase “Hello, Wembley!” sounds hilenko, the show at the pyramids is not the largest in the career of Jarre. Two years earlier, he played in Moscow for an audience of approximately 3.5 million people.

33,000 feet above ground
In 2007, Jamiroquai set a new world record by playing the Boeing 757, which is 33,000 feet above the ground. This record lasted until 2010, when James Blunt performed already at an altitude of 42,000 feet. The higher you fly, the worse the music turns out. Who knows what will be at 50,000 feet.

On the rooftops of London
In January 1969, The Beatles played their first concert in 5 years. The small performance, which reached an unsuspecting public from the roof of Apple’s Marylebone office, was the last for the group. The whole story is described in the grandiose documentary “Let It Be”.

In the bus
In 2007, The White Stripes warned their Winnipeg fans that the band would give an impromptu concert the same day. Twenty-odd people who saw the message on the forum, after arriving at the appointed place, were invited to the bus, which at the next stop grabbed Jack and Meg.

In the Antarctic
In 2013, Metallica became the first band to perform on all continents. Lars and Co. played for an audience of 120 people under a Plexiglass dome located next to the helicopter aerodrome of the Argentine scientific station.

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