Hello my little Mercury ...
I have wanted to write to you for so long ... I searched for words and clumsily built expressions, secretly hoping that my letter would someday be published on adme.ru…

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We hope that during the performances the audience is on the same wavelength with us. Interview with OK Go Group
American band OK Go will present their new studio album "Hungry Ghosts" in Russia. The team will present it in Moscow (February 6) and St. Petersburg (February 7). Based in…

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Dave Grohl: "If the song dedicated to your ass comes first, this is a clear problem"
After almost thirty years of rock and roll, Dave Grohl is still playing real rock, making films and television shows, and trying, according to him, "not to seem like a…

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Do not complicate the relationship with the audience. Interview with the NAIV group

This year, the Russian group NAIV celebrates the 15th anniversary of its fifth studio album, Wholesale and Retail. The team will celebrate this event with concerts in St. Petersburg and Moscow.

Having reunited after a five-year break and celebrating the 25th anniversary of their creative activity with a full-time anniversary tour, the musicians of the NAIV group do not intend to organize tearful nostalgic shows. They, as before, are full of energy, ready to burn, go crazy, go crazy and charge the crowd of fans with crazy drive and positive.

In anticipation of the “festive” concerts, BritishWave.ru talked with the band’s frontman Alexander “Chachey” Ivanov, asking him about the “new era of punk rock”, the language barrier in Russia and plans for the future.

Hello! You have been playing punk rock on stage for more than 25 years, many of your listeners have grown up and are replaced by today’s “young shit”. Do you feel today in your era, living in the times of the Internet and endless streams of unnecessary information?
I feel quite comfortable, although the amount of information (the most varied, but including bespontovy) is excessive. But you can, in fact, learn a lot of new things, if you have such a goal, some free time, and well, prepaid Internet traffic.

You are now finishing work on a new live DVD. Tell us more about it.
It turned out just great! We called this work “In the Arena”. The concert was shot last fall in St. Petersburg. This is the coolest DVD, lively, documentary filming: for the first time, we didn’t improve anything, we didn’t rewrite it, it was shot and mixed – all in one go; looking at the process “from the side”, I was directly surprised that we “pressed” so together. Separately, I would like to thank the St. Petersburg audience for the traditionally warm welcome, which largely set the “degree” and mood of that evening. Petersburgers will be the first to purchase this disc, the first edition will be presented at our concert on April 10 at the Cosmonaut Club.

And how is the work proceeding on the team’s new studio album? Have you already set any deadlines, or haven’t you set any time frames for yourself?
We are working on new songs, there are no rigid frames – but in the fall of 2015 we plan to release a record.

Now many young performers in Europe are returning to the guitar sound of the 60s and 70s. Do you think young people are tired of all this electronics and miss the roar of guitars? And if, as they say, everything goes in a spiral, then soon a new era of punk rock is just around the corner?
This is absolutely true, it is just that the “new era of punk rock”, manifesting itself in the future, always takes on unexpected forms and appears suddenly, so there is no way to prepare for it, you will see: when something new and interesting appears, again no one will understand at the beginning.

What kind of music did you grow up on yourself? It’s clear that punk rock was most likely already in his youth, and what are your earliest favorite records?
Vysotsky, Aquarium, Cinema, Sounds Mu, Center (V. Shumov), Amanita, Civil Defense, Va-Bank, Speaker, Yuri Antonov, Alla Pugacheva, Boney M, ABBA, Secret Service …

Initially, you had enough songs in English, later you began to sing only in Russian. This step was due to the fact that in our country there is still a language barrier and more popularity can be achieved only by performing material in Russian?
Indeed, English is inaccessible to the majority of the Russian population, and therefore it is not worth complicating relations with students. In addition to everything that we talked with at the various stages of our work with the listener in songs, we always set ourselves a very high quality bar both in sound and in lyrics, paying attention to the mass of details.

In 2003, you recorded the song “NME – FAK OFF !!!”. Was it a gesture addressed to the Russian edition of New Musical Express? How do you feel about the British edition of NME? And in general, do you think that today’s generation needs a music press, or will everyone find music to their liking?
I always liked the British NME, this is a responsible and professional publication. But, as it seems to me, purely musical journalism as a genre is gradually dying. What will replace her is hard to say …

What are the emotions before the upcoming concerts?
Very sentimental … Some songs from the album “Wholesale and retail”, which so changed the life of our group, becoming for us a significant breakthrough and beloved by the public, we have not performed for about 10 years – it will be nice to remember them and play live again .

What do you usually do right before you go on stage?
We shake hands with each other and exit.

If now you go out to play a concert, and you have a disgusting mood? How to handle this?
Each appearance on the stage is a huge charge of energy, which we exchange with the audience. Therefore, no matter what problems exist in life, this all remains beyond the scope of the scene.

And what was the worst thing that happened to you on stage?
Strongly shocked.

A rather unusual question: If you became immortal for one day, what would you do?

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