I am a very happy person. Interview with Noel Gallagher
Actually, we wanted to write about the “asshole from the working class,” but the quote above is more shocking. After the meeting of Daniel Koch with the musician, the realization…

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A little talk about love. Interview with Father John Misty
For many years, Joshua Tilman writes songs: for a while he was a drummer of Fleet Foxes, and after that he recorded 2 albums already as Father John Misty. Due…

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Plunging into anxiety: an interview with Palma Violets
Doomed love and paranoia: Palma Violets about their new, defiantly British album. The city of Austin, Texas, subdued the noise of rain, while Sam Fryer and Chilly Jesson are sitting…

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We never liked that people would have to pay for our music. Interview with Alt-J

In September 2014, the British indie rock band Alt-J introduced their new album, “This Is All Yours”, which soared to the top of UK TOP10 with lightning speed.

In two short years, the Leeds quartet has established itself as one of Britain’s most innovative bands, breaking down musical barriers just like Pink Floyd or Radiohead at the peak of their careers.

Their debut album “An Awesome Wave”, released two years ago, allowed the group to take a place among Britain’s newest inventive talents, collecting a bunch of awards, including “Best Album” at the Ivor Novello Awards and “Mercury Prize ‘2012”, with sales of 300,000 albums and 400,000 singles. Continue reading

Guitar music is not in the best position right now. Interview with Eighteen Nightmares At The Lux

Music at the junction of honesty and outrageous is Eighteen Nightmares At The Lux. Sometimes it seems that they belong to a different era – the times when the concerts of glam rock and punk stars were a real escape from the gray routine for ordinary English youth who belonged to the working class.

If they did not exist in reality, there would certainly be a writer or screenwriter who would invent and drive crazy thousands of fans and fans of fan fix. Fortunately, Eighteen Nightmares At The Lux is more than real, and in September 2014 returned to the big road with the new EP “Mouth To Mouth” and a UK mini-tour.

On this occasion, BritishWave.ru learned about the history of Londoners and their plans for the future. Continue reading

Music has the power to change people. Interview with Billy Lloyd

Last Saturday (October 18), a concert of a beginner British musician Billy Lloyd took place at the Workshop Club Theater, at which, according to his own assurances, he played “absolutely all the songs that he has.”

Angelic appearance, charisma and openness to the public quickly won the hearts of all who came to listen to the melodic harmony of electronics and piano.

BritishWave.ru managed to meet the musician just before the concert and ask him a couple of questions about creativity, image and outlook on the world. Continue reading

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Nick Cave: The Dark Knight's Revival
In honor of the thirtieth anniversary of Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds' debut album "From Her To Eternity", the NME editors decided to recall an interview with Nick Cave,…


Muse - "Drones". Two months later. Aftertaste
Disputes over the new work of Muse "Drones" have already subsided. And now, a couple of months after the album’s release, we’ll take a look at it again, so to…


Muted attention-grabbing. Interview with Jose Gonzalez
A velvet voice, complemented by a filigree guitar playing, sounding on several albums. Swedish singer Jose González seems to be an artist who cares little about the attention of the…


Pretending to be a successful person. Interview with the Chebose Group
To illustrate the interview with Vasya Goncharov, the leader of the rock band "Cheboza", we photographed all the current members of his band separately and combined all this into one…