A note of positive from the maestro of sadness. Interview with Brazzaville frontman
On March 8, the Waiting Room club will fulfill the most moving dream of the girls of the Northern capital - Brazzaville will perform, the one that once conquered St.…

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We must try to distinguish good performers from bad performers. Interview with Selfieman
Selfieman is a new project of multi-instrumentalist Nikolai Stravinsky, a member of such groups as Cockroaches !, Missiles from Russia and Fairy Dragee. Selfieman's debut album, consisting of 8 tracks,…

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10 frontmen who showed themselves in solo work
Any musical collective, good or not, has its own leader - this is the founder, vocalist, songwriter, ideological inspirer and a great charismatic, in the end (underline what is necessary).…

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singer unstoppable

The punk godmother Nina Hagen remains true to herself: the punk grandmother attracts attention among the German mainstream

Nina Hagen rarely gives balanced, thoughtful answers to questions. But she hesitates when answering the question of how to behave, realizing that you are 60 years old.

“Probably, as always, but by no means like an old racist,” the answer appears on her Facebook page. On March 11, the singer and actress should already have known the answer to this question, since it was then her birthday.

“Obstruct” was on the security officer’s request form for Nina to enter the theater school in the early 70s. Such as she – from the age of 12, “dishonestly” refusing to join the FDJ youth in the communist union, Continue reading

You can look to the future with hope. Interview with Neon Lights

The St. Petersburg electronic duo Neon Lights was created by two music critics Yevgeny Lazarenko and Max Hagen, in response to the many cries of offended musicians “first try, then criticize.”

Neon Lights is a vibrant new-wave dance project that sounds equally good both on the festival stage and in the club space, and even from the disc of a beginner DJ in a bar on Dumskaya Street.

On the eve of the band’s performance on May 10, BritishWave.ru talked to the musicians in the new club’s “Sputnik” hall A2, asking them about festivals, the future of the music scene in Russia, and also learned the formula for a successful group.

Are you worried about the future?
Max Hagen: I worry, even like that. Yesterday I went to the store and wasn’t worried, I was terribly paired when I got a cash receipt for some garbage. Today he got even more tired when our keyboard player, returning from a forced link, began to push ideas on how to get to Moscow. I don’t know what I Continue reading

We are inspired by life itself. Interview with the Magellanic Cloud Group

The Moscow group Magellanic Cloud formed in the winter of 2010 from particles of diverse creative and musical matter. Creativity “Magellanic Cloud” is folk rock with a pronounced melodic component and deep lyrics, rich in images and symbolism. Musicians themselves define their musical style as cardiowave, while music critics draw analogies with the Aquarium group and find similarities in symphony with Electric Light Orchestra.

The other day the group presented in Moscow and St. Petersburg their new single “The Arctic Ocean”,
which will be included in the band’s future album. On this occasion, BritishWave.ru talked with the band’s frontman Sergey Dvoretsky and asked him about new material, inspiration and experiments. Continue reading

Endless Story: Interview with Blur
In recent years, everyone has already managed to say goodbye to Blur: quietly say "bye" or roaring "Parklife!" And what did the members of the group do when everyone was…


Plunging into anxiety: an interview with Palma Violets
Doomed love and paranoia: Palma Violets about their new, defiantly British album. The city of Austin, Texas, subdued the noise of rain, while Sam Fryer and Chilly Jesson are sitting…


Deep Purple does not inspire us, but Placebo - yes! Interview with Jack Action
“Rising of a supernova” - this is exactly the translation of the name of the new album of Jack Action, which has become not only new, but also prophetic. Since…


When things break. Interview with Death Cab For Cutie
The American indie rock band Death Cab For Cutie has so far been inextricably linked to Christopher Wall. "Kintsugi" is the first album where Walla is not a producer or…